Tips for having a happy life!

Happy sunday ladies!
Today I have a blogpost with 10 things you have to let go if you want more luck in your life. Being lucky is like riding a bicycle: you can learn it. I'm going to sum 10 habits up you have to let go to have a big smile on your face.

1. Perfect life. The first thing you have to do is stop wanting that perfect life... You've probably been jealous about a lot of other people because of how they are or because of what they have. They aren't always as happy as it looks. You have to be happy with how you are and what you have!

2. Opinion of friends. You don't need the opinion of your friends to make decisions. Take your responsibility and make your own responsible decisions because you are perfectly capable to do that yourself.

3. Negative feelings. Stop being angry and vicious. Talk about the fights you have with people and try to be nice to them again. Give everyone a second or even third chance. Trow away that angry!

4. Prince Charming. Important tip: Prince Charming won't come. He doesn't even exist so stop dreaming about the perfect man. Be happy with the man you have or you will meet one day, even if he isn't perfect. He's the one who makes delicious lasagna and wakes you up by saying how beautiful you are!

5. Winning the jackpot. Everybody has the desire to win a lot of money one day. The truth is, it probably won't happen to you (unless you are very very lucky). Stop wanting all those expensive things, because all those things won't make you happier. It's always better to do a job you love to do!

6. Thinking about ex. Thinking about your ex-boyfriend can maybe give you a good feeling for a moment, but it will only make you more frustrated. Live now and smile at your boyfriend or man!

7. Delaying. Stop saying 'I'll do this tomorrow' when you have the opportunity to do it today. Don't be lazy and do something useful with your day. You'll feel much better when you get all out of your day!

8. Negativity. Stop criticizing and complaining. Al those negative things you say, will ruin your mood.

9. Expectations. Stop having expectations about everything, you will only get dissappointed if those expectations don't get filled in. If you can let all of your expectations go, just a little smile will make you happy already.

10. Social media. Facebook and other social media stimulate jealousy and make you forget yourself. Limit the time you spend on Facebook and keep doing activities with friends offline too!

These were 10 short tips to have a happier life. I hope they will help you too!

Don't forget to love and smile today!
Love, Annelies


4 reacties:

  1. Great tips ;) You made me laugh with the Prince Charming ;)
    Your tips are so true!!

    1. Hahaha it's true, right? ;-) Thank you for visiting and commenting beauty!

    2. Totally true!!!!!
      Kisses!!!! I wish you a Merry Christmas Annelies!!

    3. Happy wishes for you too Tiffany! Merry Christmas!
      Love, Annelies


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