Black Beret

Hi there beauties!

Since it's getting very cold outside, the beanies and hats are very useful with this temperature. I got myself a typical black beret hat when I was in Paris a few years ago. I loved it so much at that time, but I forget I had this hat. This weekend I search for it in my closet and I can't wear it enough these days! I've never been a hat-lover, but I think I'm changing because I begin to like different kinds of hats. At this moment I'm in love with my beret hat :)!

Don't forget to love and smile today!
Love, Annelies


2 reacties:

  1. So Parisian girl ;) I hope you enjoyed Paris!!!!

    1. Yes, I liked it so much! I took a lot of pictures and they will be up on my blog one of these days, but I'm very busy for the moment... When I have time, I will make a blogpost about my trip to France :)
      Thanks for thinking about visiting my blog Tiffany!!


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