Festive cookies

Hi ladies!

This week is all about Christmas and partying. It a crazy year for me because I have 7 dinner parties in 1,5 week. All of them will be about giving presents to each other and eating the most delicious food. I've already had 3 parties till now, but still 4 more to come! I love this time of the year when everyone is so nice en forgiving to each other. 

I will be sad when it's all over, because it's something I really look forward to every year and especially the whole month of December. Here are some ideas for Christmas cookies if you still have a few christmas parties like I do. My favorites are the Rudolph-cookies, they are too cute! Enjoy every moment of these Christmas days and enjoy the yummy food! :)

Don't forget to love and smile today!
Love, Annelies


3 reacties:

  1. These cookies are so cute!!!!!!! I really love Christmas time to spend a lot of time with our family!!! Enjoy!!!!! I don't want the end of december!!!!!



    1. Yesss, they are so cute! Aww Tiff, thank you so much for visiting my blog so often and for commenting, you're so sweet!
      Love, Annelies

    2. With pleasure!!! I really like your blog!!!



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