A chocolate & panda party

Happy day lovelies!

Today I will continue with my previous blogpost by talking about the goodies I got for Christmas.
I will discuss most items in detail in this blogpost! I got a few big and little presents that I also want to share with you, because the little presents are more personal and they will tell you a bit more about my personality :). Before I begin I want to say that I don't want to show off with all the things I got, so if you'll get offended by seeing these things, please don't read this blogpost. It's only for the people who want to know what I got.
It will be a long blogpost, so let's get right into it!

I got a 'Keep calm and love life' glass, a sweetheart-lollypop, a chocolate stick to make your own chocolate milk & a cute 'You make my heart smile'-mug 

A pack of Ferrero Rocher, one of my favorite chocolates

A Christmas stocking of Kinder, filled with delicious chocolates! Can you already guess I'm a chocolate-addict? ;)

What you probably didn't knew already is that I have a big obsession with panda's. I think they're one of the cutest animals on earth. So I got a pair of cute panda-earmuffs!

Besides the earmuffs, I also got a matching sweater that I wanted to buy a few weeks ago when I went to the mall so badly because of its cuteness, but I ended up not buying it when I saw it.. So they surprised me by giving me this sweater for Christmas :)

This is how it looks like... It's so cute!

A pretty faux fur headband

A candleholder with special scented fragrances: red berry and roses. I love to burn candles so I was very happy with this!

A cute teddybear with chocolate-goodies (addicted, I know!)

A gift package of Rituals: Showergel, shampoo for frizzy hair, body cream and a sakura scrub!

A gift set of a huge and beautiful coffee-mug with a french, vanilla coffee mix and a spoon 

A showergel from Lush called 'The Olive Branch'. I didn't use it so far, but I already like the smell of it!

It says to shake it up very good before use. It claims that the showergel contains olive oil from fair trade projects in Israel and Egypt. 

This is how the color of the showergel looks like if you shake it up very well: the oil mixed with the showergel itself.

A gift card from Bijou Brigitte, which is a French jewelry store that also has a few stores in Belgium. It's one of my favorite places to shop for beautiful accessories! 

And of course my Christmas stocking filled with goodies!

If you want to see more pictures of me and everything in my life, be sure to check out my instagram, with my name: annelies_dp (click on my name to go to my instagram!). 
Don't forget to love and smile today!
Love, Annelies


4 reacties:

  1. Great gifts!! I really like this Kinder chocolates are so yummy!!!!!!


    1. Yesss!! They are my favorite chocolates! :)
      Love, Annelies

  2. Die panda pull is zooo leuk!

    1. Ja he, ik ben er gek van! Ik draag hem echt heel vaak als ik thuis rondloop :)
      Hij komt van New Look als je hem ook zou willen kopen!
      Liefs, Annelies


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