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An essential product we beauty lovers always need is a good concealer to conceal our blemishes, redness, scars or acne. I don't really have that much acne anymore, so I mostly use concealer to cover up my dark circles. It's not because you had enough sleep at night, that your eye area looks totally fresh: we always have darker spots around our eyes, it's natural. So thank God there are some products to conceal them! That's why I will be talking about these products in their function of concealing dark circles and not as much about their function of covering up acne spots for example. 

I'm going to make an comparison between 3 concealers I found in my make-up drawer. Just like my blogpost about my drugstore eyeliners, I will be using drugstore products again like Essence, Catrice and Manhattan. All the products I will be showing are between 2 and 4 euro. Let's start!

These are the three concealers I want to talk about today: The Essence Stay Natural Concealer in 04 Soft Honey, the Manhattan Wake up Concealer and the Catrice Cosmetics Re-touch Light Reflecting Concealer in 010 Ivory.
The first concealer I wanted to talk about is the Essence Stay Natural Concealer in 03 Soft Nude. This products claims to cover your imperfections and to reduce your dark circles. It contains vitamin A which will give a positive effect to your skin. It's one of those concealers by which you have to turn the end of the stick to get the product out. At first I didn't like this product because I had to turn really long before I saw any product. I thought I bought a broken concealer! But eventually the product came out of the bristles. The bristles of this product are white in the beginning and are very soft so it doesn't feel harsh when you put the product on your skin. This product retails for 1,99 euro in drugstores.

This product of the Essence concealer has a yellowish undertone in it, which suits best with a person with a skin with a yellow undertone. The concealer has a medium thick consistency. It's liquid but it will not glide off of your hand.

Here's a close up of when I start rubbing it into my skin. It has a nice structure and it's easy to blend.
Here you can see the product when it is totally rubbed into my skin (the right side of the back of my hand has concealer on it). You can see that the concealer has filled in the fine lines in my skin. The right side of the back of my hand (with the concealer) has a brighter tone than the left side of my hand (no concealer). It has a pretty good coverage and you can layer it on to get more coverage if you need it. 
The second concealer in this blogpost is the Wake Up Concealer by Manhattan. It promises to conceal dark circles and light redness and to make your tired eyes shine again. It has light-reflecting pigments and it says to simply dab the product on your skin to conceal. I've already had this concealer for a pretty long time and I'm still not out of it. This concealer has a lighter color then the concealer of Essence, but this concealer of Manhattan definitely has a thicker consistency. I'm not a big fan of this concealer because of it's opaque coverage and it doesn't have a natural finish to it: when you apply this concealer you can definitely see that you are wearing concealer under your eyes. I rediscovered this product when I was cleaning my make-up storage and I'm using it at these days, but I will be searching for another concealer very soon. This product retails in drugstores for 3,75 euro.

The Wake Up Concealer of Manhattan has a thicker consistency than the Essence Concealer. It has a more pinkish undertone to it so it will not compliment you if your skin has a yellow tone.
This is a close-up when I start rubbing the product out onto my skin. You can immediately see that the product is very visible and not natural at all.
Here's a picture of when the concealer is totally spread on the right side of the back of my hand. In my opinion, this concealer gives you an unnatural finish. I wouldn't recommend using this concealer if you need high coverage because when you have remarkable dark circles or pigmentation you want to cover, this product will not give you enough coverage to conceal the dark area's and it will nog give you a natural make-up look.
This is the last drugstore concealer I want to talk about today: the Catrice Cosmetics Re-touch Light Reflecting Concealer in 010 Ivory. Like the first concealer, you have to turn the end of the stick to get the product out of the bristles at the top. I don't like this way some concealers work but that is a personal thing. I haven't tested this concealer on the back of my hand because I totally ran out of this product, but I can remember I enjoyed this concealer of Catrice.
This one looked the most professional of them all: a beautiful and sleek black-silver packaging. I loved using this concealer the most of the three concealers in this blogpost. This concealer retails in drugstores for 3,99 euro.

Overall, I would buy the last concealer if you had to choose between these ones. So again, like with the drugstore eyeliners, I would probably buy the Catrice concealer when I had to choose between these three brands (Essence, Catrice and Manhattan). 

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