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Do you sometimes dream about that perfect luxurious vacation you want to make one day in your life? Well, I think we all dream about that at least one time. For me, it's a daily dream because I love to travel a lot. I'm always thinking where I want to go on my next vacation. Unfortunately, most of the dream destinations are very expensive which forces me to put my dreams aside for when I have all the money. But sometimes I ask myself: where would you really go on vacation when money was no object? I found this article on Fox News and I could relate to this article so much. They talked about the top 10 dream destinations if money were no object. Because I live in Belgium, I've already been to most countries in Europe. That's why my dream destinations mostly will be in other continents. At this moment I would mostly love to go to America and I hope to make this dream come true in the near future. But for this blogpost I picked my top 5 dream destinations that I would go to if money was no object. They are in no particular order so let's start dreaming...


From the sail-like cityscape of Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef and tropical climate of Cairns, Australia is the clear winner of the fantasy vacation challenge. Australia is definitely in my top 5 of dream destinations. Someday I want to visit one of the most beautiful Australian cities: Sydney. Bondi Beach is the next thing I would really want to visit when I am in Australia. Bondi Beach is the most famous Australian beach. It's a beautiful place where you can relax and it's a paradise for you if you like surfing. A first class flight from my country to Sydney can cost up to 1,500 euro. So even just getting to Australia could break the bank, but who's to say we can't dream?

2Bora Bora

Bora Bora was recently awarded the title of “the best island in the world” by U.S. News & World Report. The island’s isolation in the South Pacific makes for both a serine and stunning vacation as well as an extremely expensive trip. Bora Bora’s tropical climate and crystal clear waters make it a no-brainer on the fantasy list. But Bora Bora isn't the cheapest destination either: once you get there after a 2,500 euro flight, local resorts like the Four Seasons Bora Bora (see picture) can cost as much as 4,000 euro per night.

3A cruise around the world

I've already had the opportunity to go on a cruise last summer and I fell totally in love with this kind of vacations. I went with MSC Cruises and the ship was so luxurious that it felt like traveling like a queen. If you would like to make a cruise, but at the same time a vacations around the world, it is possible! The Cunard cruise line offer three around-the-world voyages in 2014. The ship will stop at 78 destinations on six continents over the course of three months. While this may seem like the best bang for your buck, the cruise can cost up to 45,000 euro per person if all luxury amenities are include, which, on a dream vacation, they clearly will be.


Tahiti is the largest, and one of the busiest, of the 118 islands that make up French Polynesia. Known for its overwater bungalows, designed in the style of traditional island houses, Tahiti is an intimate and romantic setting for those who need some time away. This is one of my top destinations to spend my honeymoon. The flight to Tahiti can cost up to 6,500 euro and rooms at this bungalow resort, Le Meridian Tahiti, go for about 650 euro a night.


Hollywood has had a love affair with Fiji’s natural beauty since 1932, when Edward Sutherland used its cinematic landscape as the setting for his film “Mr. Robinson Crusoe.” Fiji existed of 333 tropical islands  that will give you a dream vacation. It's known for it soft coral diving and white sand beaches. Fiji is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon or make a proposal. You can book your stay at an exclusive 5 stars resort, stay at a hostel or book an island to yourself if you really want some privacy. If you want to go crazy, you can rent the whole island of Laucala (pictured above) for 110,000 euro a night.

Which destination would you choose? And have you been to one of this places already? Let me know!
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Don't forget to love and smile today!
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(Source: foxnews.com)


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  1. Anonymous3/06/2014

    I'd looooove to visit Australia! And I also want to go back to the US. Next month I'm going to Japan, I'm really looking forward to that too.

    1. I've never been to the US but it's definitely my number one dream destination at the moment. Wauw, Japan will be an amazing experience, enjoy!

  2. Great post! You made me dream with these beautiful destinations!!!!!!



    1. Thank you Tiff! :) Maybe you can go there one day!
      Love, Annelies

  3. Oh wauw, dit ziet er echt prachtig uit! Hoop zo dat ik er ooit eens heen kan :) x

  4. Mine would be Australia!


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