Heart it #1

Good evening ladies!

One of my favorite things to do is to get inspired by reading magazines, listening to music, watching Youtube videos and scrolling through inspiring websites like heart it.com. I know it's a bit useless to just watch pictures and images on the internet, but sometimes it can really inspire me. I decided to post a few images once in a while to show you girls what kind of images are inspiring to me because that's what my blog originally was about: the little things that make me happy. Being inspired helps me to be happy because it makes me dream. Dream about the things I want and about the things I want to achieve in my life. I will just pick a few pictures of heartit.com that I want to share and I will tell why I picked those images.

- I already showed pictures of my nails with pink nailpolish in a few blogposts. Pink nails are never out of style.

- This dress is SO me. I would totally wear this kind of dress because of its lace, feminine color and elegant neckline. 

- I'm definitely an animal lover. Lately I'm getting addicted to cats and especially little kittens can make my heart melt.

- I couldn't let this 'I love summer' picture out of this blogpost. I already talked about it in one of my previous blogposts about how much I'm looking forward to Summer. 

- The palmtrees immediately makes me think about laying on the beach, drinking a delicious cocktail and just enjoying life to the fullest on a vacation. 

- I saw this picture of this girl a few times already and I always catch myself looking at it a few seconds. The way she looks so casual but yet gorgeous is really my go-to-look.

- Paris is always a good idea, right?! ;-)

- I'm still a student, but having a boyfriend makes you think about the moment you'll have the opportunity to life together and make your house as cosy as you like it. This kitchen it totally how I would love it to be!

- Like I said in my blogpost about my dream destinations, I'm a big dreamer when it comes to traveling. I would love to travel to the most beautiful places on earth. This picture shows the definition of paradise in my opinion.

- Sometimes you have to work in life, but you may not forget to enjoy life. Life is already so short, you really need to stop with what you are doing and just take a break. 

- When you really know me, you know that I'm often busy on my MacBook Pro. Working on my blog, watching Youtube videos, reading other blogs and of course most of my time goes to studying.

- This girl catches my eye: the dress and necklace are perfect to wear in the upcoming Spring. It looks so elegant and girly!

- I'm not really a fashion-addicted, but I definitely find it important to dress up from time to time. It makes you feel so much better when you're dressed in cute clothes. This pair of shorts looks so cute with this print and with this golden watch.

- Nicole Scherzinger is just one of my biggest idols, enough said ;-)

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Don't forget to love and smile today!
Love, Annelies


6 reacties:

  1. I loooooove that dress in the second picture! And oh yes, I'm a Scherzie fan as well, I think she's fab :-)

    1. I know, it's so pretty! Nicole is such a beautiful woman... Definitely one of my women crushes ;-)

  2. Mooi lakje van nars :D leuk om al deze plaatjes te zien

    1. Echt een mooie kleur hé?! Dankjewel!

  3. Prachtige zwijmel foto's <3 Ik wil ook wel naar dat tropische paradijs uit je tweede collage <3 <3 Ik ga met je mee!

    1. Haha goed, we gaan met z'n twee op reis naar daar! :D Is echt het paradijs daar! Liefs


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