The meaning of true love

Happy sunday ladies,
I wanted to make a special blogpost today, getting a little more personal. 
Everyone hopes to find love that lasts, but I know it isn't that easy to find someone that gives you this everlasting love. But do you know what true love means? How do you know if you have found true love? How do you know for sure that the excitement and joy you are feeling right now will lead to a long-term relationship? I never really searched for true love, I just lived my life and eventually, love found me. 
Being in love means feeling secure, loving each other just as each of you are, loving yourself and honoring your needs and knowing that arguments are a normal part of being in a relationship. 
True love will give you this amazing feeling that you can't fully describe with words. 
Well, one year ago, I found this amazing and true love that made me feel secure since then. I was never aware that this feeling exists until I felt it myself. Even if you haven't found this true love yet, know that it's coming your way! Eventually, everybody will find somebody that will accept you for who your are.

Thank you so much for everything you did for me this year. Happy one year anniversary M!
Don't forget to love and smile today!
Love, Annelies


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  1. Happy one year anniversary to you and your boyfriend! Your post is really beautifu! I'm so happy to say that i find true love too, and i can say that we know when this is it!!!!!!! I thought i met true love but i was wrong until i found my boyfriend!! Wish you a lot of happiness!!!



    1. Thank you so much Tiff :)!! So glad to know that you are happy with your boyfriend as well! Good luck to both of you!
      Love, Annelies

  2. Aaah, die foto is zo lief! En wat een super lange tijd dat jullie al samen zijn, heel mooi!

  3. Aaah wat leuk! Super lieve foto :)

  4. Wat ongelooflijk lief geschreven zeg! Gefeliciteerd!

  5. Zo leuk & lief <3

  6. Every time I read this I get tears in my eyes, because I know I found true love with you! Thank you for everything you are and everything you are yet to be. With love, Matthi


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